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By Excel Residential on October 20, 2021

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing: Is There Really a Difference?

Power washing and pressure washing are often used interchangeably, but there are differences that significantly impact the maintenance of your home.

When dealing with moss, mold, and grime on your property, it’s crucial to have the right cleaning system that clears debris and thoroughly cleans your property. Left untreated, buildup of dirt can cause bacterial growth and mold, resulting in adverse health reactions or permanent property damage. When comparing power washing vs. pressure washing, you’ll find that both cost hundreds of dollars, so choosing the right equipment will save you time and money down the road.

Let’s review all the essential information you need to decide which powerful cleaning solution is best for your home.

What’s the Difference? Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

There isn’t much of a difference between these two types of cleaning methods to the average eye. Both systems use a powerful jet stream of water at high pressures to wash away unwanted particles from your property. Common surfaces requested for power or pressure washing include external walls, sidewalks, concrete surfaces, boats, driveways, and vehicles. 

The most significant difference between power washing and pressure washing is the use of heated water. Power washing utilizes heated water, unlike a pressure washing system. There are different pros and cons to using each cleaning system. Let’s explore all the information you need to know to make this decision about your home.

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Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing: the Pros and Cons

There are some major considerations to choosing which system is best for you. These factors can impact whether or not you end up with damage to your property or require additional chemical agents.

The Advantages of Both Systems

The main advantage of both power washing and pressure washing is the use of a powerful jet stream of pressurized water. Using a high-pressure cleaning system is a formidable way of fighting unwanted grime around your home.

The pressure output of both cleaning systems can be 50x higher than that from a garden hose. Some estimates even report that pressure washing can save up to 75% of water compared to using a traditional garden hose (and will likely save you as much time and energy.)

The main pro of using a power washing system is the use of heated water. That added benefit makes a difference when it comes to household maintenance. Using heated water can even cut down on time spent cleaning surfaces and prevent the need for extra maintenance. The heated water used in power washing can also eliminate the need for chemicals down the line by destroying bacteria, mold, and other residue.

The Disadvantages of Both Systems

There are two main questions to ask when considering power washing vs. pressure washing:

  • What surfaces do I want to be cleaned?
  • Are chemicals required for this cleaning?

Many surfaces can’t handle high-pressure water coming out of a power washer or pressure washer, let alone harsh chemicals. These two factors make a real difference in the quality of your cleaning, and this is where hiring a professional cleaning service helps put your mind at ease. Cleaning professionals who specialize in pressurized cleaning systems know which surfaces can handle different pressure settings and if chemicals are needed.

The major con of pressure washing is the lack of heated water. If you need to get through grease, oil, and other hard-to-wash materials, you need a heavy-duty solution. To cut through those challenging elements, you most likely need the use of a heated washing system, which is power washing.

Another con is the use of potentially harmful chemicals around your home. Many cleaning companies and DIY washing system vendors encourage the use of chemicals in your power washer or pressure washer. At Excel Residential Services, we always choose the least toxic and most effective chemicals, if any, to use on your property. Power washing is often very effective, so chemicals are not always necessary, so it’s crucial to discuss what chemicals your cleaning company of choice uses.

What to Know Before Doing DIY Washing

Whether you choose to use a heated washing system like power washing or choose pressure washing, some inherent risks come along with the territory.

Using strong chemical sprays on your property can put your family members and pets at risk for health and allergic reactions. Our professionals at Excel Residential Services recommend always prioritizing what your household and property needs when approaching what maintenance you need to be done. 

For example, say you need concrete cleaned around your home, and you want to do power washing or pressure washing. If you have a garden right next to the concrete you’re cleaning, there is a risk that harsh chemicals can negatively impact what you’re growing. Alternatively, if you have pets or children that often play on that concrete, harsh chemicals aren’t ideal for that environment either. This is when having the right non-toxic, green chemicals available and knowing your cleaning options comes in handy.

In this scenario, the best course of action we would recommend is using a power washer with heated water, and then if absolutely necessary, opt-in for green chemical agents.

There are more complications when it comes to power washing or pressure washing without the right equipment or training. Extra business insurance is recommended for professionals using these systems. Insurance is recommended for professionals because these cleaning systems have high-power settings. If you’re not familiar with the protocols and proper techniques of using this equipment or don’t have the right safety gear, you are risking damage to your property and injuries.

Common issues with using washing systems without the proper training include:

  • Accidental property damage
  • Personal injuries from pressurized water or ladder falls
  • Bacteria infections from standing water
  • Auto body damage or paint damage

Power washing and pressure washing are incredibly effective ways to clean your property, especially by trained professionals that use non-toxic chemicals.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing: Which One Is Better?

The most significant difference between these two systems is that a power washer has a built-in heating system, so we say why not try power washing? Our power washing systems are heat optional, so our equipment doubles as a pressure washer, while saving you time, effort, and money compared to the DIY way.

We at Excel Residential Services specialize in power washing and other important home exterior cleaning services such as window washing and gutter cleaning. By partnering with us to take care of your home maintenance needs, you’re ensuring the best possible results. Whether you are looking to sell your home, or spruce it up, we’ve got you covered.

Have any questions about how we could serve you? Feel free to review our frequently asked questions or request a free quote today.

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Published by Excel Residential October 20, 2021
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