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By Excel Residential on December 15, 2021

5 Reasons To Use Gutter Cleaning Companies For Your Home

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. 

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, homeowners also need to be forward-thinking, investing in measures that will preserve the value of their property. In areas with significant rainfall and high humidity, such as the Mid Atlantic, this can include the prevention of mold and mildew, pests, water damage, and so much more. One crucial step for the ongoing maintenance here, especially in Montgomery County, MD, is to consistently clean your gutters. 

Unfortunately, it's easy to forget the gutters with the long list of tasks to be done season to season. Before you know it, they’re overflowing with mud, dead leaves, twigs, and debris. When this happens, a homeowner has two choices. They can grab a ladder and some rubber gloves and get to work, or they can hire a company to clean the gutters. While it may be tempting for homeowners to clean their own gutters, in our opinion, it’s not worth the risk.

Why You Should Hire A Gutter Cleaning Company For Your Home

We provide exterior cleaning services for residential properties. In our experience, it saves a lot of time, effort, money, and risk to have a professional clean your gutters for you. Dirty gutters are not only bad for curbside appeal, but they can also be hazardous to your health and the integrity of your home.  Here are the reasons we’re confident that hiring a gutter cleaning company is the best choice.

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1. You Can Set Up Subscriptions

A lot of exterior jobs, including gutter cleaning, only need to be done every few months. It can be easy to forget to clean out the gutters or wait until the last minute to tackle them. Then, you have a mess on your hands and may not have the time or resources to handle it immediately. At that point, the problem will get worse, or you will need to hire someone else to do it. A few months later, you’ll go through the same process again.

By hiring a professional on a recurring basis, homeowners can trust that the gutters are cleaned before they fill up. And when the gutters are consistently cleaned, it extends the life of gutters and downspouts, saving homeowners time and money. Customers won’t have to worry about getting on a ladder or renting a pressure washer, as their gutters will be cleaned out on time, every time. 

2. Clean Gutters Prevent Flooding and Pests

Unlike the top of the gutters, where you can see debris and remove it, in the downspout, it’s not as easy. It can make it difficult to give them a thorough cleaning. To effectively clean out dirt, mud, and leaves, homeowners should use a pressure washer to wash gutters and have the knowledge on how to find and remove hidden clogs. If a homeowner does not know how to do this, they may do an aesthetic clean, only removing the debris they can see. 

If this happens,  the gutters won’t redistribute water effectively, and the moisture can result in long-term damage to your roof or foundation. Additionally, as wet leaves and dirt make up an ideal environment for pests, gutters that aren’t cleaned well can lead to even more issues. A professional will know exactly how to remove any clogs and leave the gutters completely cleaned out.

3. Professional Cleaners Are Cost-Effective

It’s easy to assume that hiring a pro will cost much more than a DIY gutter clean. But this is not always the case. For starters, nearly anyone who cleans their gutters will need a sturdy extension ladder that can reach their roof. At larger construction and home stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, brand new ladders can cost between $150-$300. Even renting a ladder will cost between $20-$40 per hour. 

From there, homeowners will need tarps to collect the debris on the ground as well as a hose attachment with a sprayer or, ideally, pressure or power washer. An electric or gas power or pressure washer can be rented for $40 per day or purchased for $300-$500. The power washer will also need to remain on the ground, and must have a hose that reaches the gutters. Depending on the size of the home, hiring a professional to clean the gutters will be comparable or even lower in cost. When you compare the cost of hiring a pro to repair the damage that dirty, overflowing gutters can cause, it’s definitely worth the investment.

4. Professionals Keep You Safe and Healthy

It may seem simple to clean out a gutter, but that can change as soon as a homeowner steps on their ladder.  Ladders, especially ones with extensions, can be extremely dangerous for individuals without experience working on them. Many homeowners may find themselves trying to balance an unsteady ladder while trying to scoop dirt and leaves with both of their hands. Pressure washers can also be extremely powerful and catch inexperienced homeowners off-guard.

 In addition to having first-hand knowledge on how to effectively clean out a gutter, a professional will also have experience with the actual tools and process. As professional gutter cleaning companies are so well-versed in this, they can provide feedback on the condition of the gutters or alert homeowners to the growth of mold or mildew, as well as the presence of insects or rodents. Experts will also come prepared with essential safety equipment for gutter cleanings, such as safety goggles, work gloves, a safety harness, and more.

5. Hiring Pros Is Less Risky

There are a number of resources for finding cheap labor, including sites like Craigslist, Thumbtack, or Facebook Marketplace. It’s tempting to go with a cheaper option, hiring a local teenager or neighbor to clean out gutters. While most of the time, the person may do a decent job, they may not have the expertise to get the job done correctly. Additionally, if that person happens to injure themselves on the job, the homeowner is responsible for the accident. 

By hiring a company that is insured and has reviewed, homeowners can trust that no matter what happens, they’re covered. Companies will have industry-standard equipment and will very likely do the job better than someone looking to make some extra cash on the side.  If anything happens on the job, the company will have the insurance to cover their employee. Pros also have an efficient process, such as using a power washer to clean out gutters. Homeowners that hire a professional are more likely to be satisfied with the quality of work and won’t leave themselves vulnerable to potential accidents. 

Keeping Your Gutters Debris Free

Ultimately, if you choose to clean your own gutters, put your safety first. One of the reasons that homeowners hire a professional is to avoid putting themselves at risk.  If you decide to hire an expert to clean out your gutters or any other exterior service, you can contact us to get a free quote. 

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Published by Excel Residential December 15, 2021
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