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By Excel Residential on October 13, 2021

What Is the Proper Way to Power Wash Gutters

You know your clogged gutters are a ticking time bomb counting down to roof damage, basement flooding, or worse… but what can you do to fix it? Can you power wash gutters? Power washing is an efficient choice for cleaning your gutters, but if you approach it improperly, you could end up doing more harm than good - to yourself and your gutters.

As a responsible homeowner, you know that it is best practice to clear your gutters at least once every year. Maybe you are new to homeownership, or perhaps you have just been lucky with your gutters so far. Either way, gutter cleaning is an essential part of your home maintenance. The best way to clean gutters is by hand, but there are other methods. Power washing your gutters can be an efficient and effective way to make sure your gutters are clear of debris and ready to prevent your house from falling prey to drainage issues. 

Excel Residential has offered gutter cleaning services for over fifteen years. Though we firmly believe a hand-cleaned gutter is best, we know the best methods to effectively and safely power wash your gutters. Read on to learn our step-by-step recommendation, or let us do the hard work for you and request a quote for our professional gutter cleaning services today. 

Is It A Good Idea to Power Wash Gutters?

As discussed briefly above, clogged gutters are a lot more problematic than you might think. Poor drainage can cause everything from sidewalk cracks to foundation damage - yikes! You may be able to clear your gutters by hand using a ladder and some rubber gloves, but that can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention unpleasant. 

Power washing is an alternate method of gutter cleaning. It enables you to quickly remove all that pesky debris, and get your gutters back in fighting shape. But the idea of blasting a part of their home with pressurized water can be intimidating to some homeowners. Follow the steps below to learn how to safely and effectively clean your gutters with a power washer, or request a quote and let Excel Residential handle your gutter cleaning for you.

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Take Safety Precautions 

The first step in your gutter cleaning journey is to clear the ground surrounding your gutters of trip hazards. You will want to move all furniture, potted plants, and other garden equipment well away from your walking path before you begin. 

Next, you will want to find a pair of safety glasses. The pressurized water will knock the debris in your gutters loose. That debris can be dangerous to an unguarded eye. 

Lastly, make sure you are using a long-handled attachment for your power washer so you can reach your gutters from the ground. You should never use a ladder while power washing. 

Prepare Your Equipment

In addition to the longer handle, you will need a specialized attachment for your power washer to clean your gutters effectively. The standard power-washing attachment will not be sufficient for gutter cleaning.

Most cleaning services will use a u-shaped attachment for power washing gutters. This is the attachment we recommend you use if you intend to power wash your gutters. 

Get Cleaning 

Once you have your safety gear and power washing equipment ready, you’re prepared to get to work. Even if you intend to power wash your gutters, we recommend beginning by pulling the large debris out of the downspouts and other areas by hand. This will give the smaller pieces of debris a clear path out of the gutters. 

Once you have cleared out the majority of the debris and given it a thorough spray with plain water, use detergent in your power washer to get the gutters sparkling clean.

The last step will be to use plain water one more time to get rid of the soap and any straggling debris.  

Clear Additional Debris

After you have finished power washing your gutters, you may find that the debris has found a new home on your deck or patio. The last step of your gutter cleaning process will be to clear the debris one more time. 

You can spray it away from the patio using the power washer or sweep it up with a push-broom and move it into your yard waste bin. Then you can kick back and enjoy your freshly cleaned gutters!

Proper Methods to Power Wash Gutters

Following these four steps, you should be able to safely power wash the gutters on your home. Power washing can seem relatively straightforward but remember that to do it properly, you will need several pieces of specialized equipment. For this reason, sometimes, it is more convenient and cost-effective to hire a professional to clean your gutters for you.

Excel Residential’s staff is fully trained in the most efficient power washing methods and knows the best ways to get your gutters clean and clear. If you are interested in seeing how we can make your gutters shine, request a free quote

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Published by Excel Residential October 13, 2021
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