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By Excel Residential on August 18, 2021

How to Choose the Best Gutter Cleaning Service

What separates the best gutter cleaning service from the rest? Is it the lowest price, or is there something more important to consider when evaluating gutter cleaning?

As you probably already know, waiting too long to clean your gutters leads to blockages, mold buildup, and even permanent damage to your home. The solution is to have your gutters cleaned regularly, but how do you know if you’re getting the best value from your service provider?

 This article will help you choose a company that will keep your gutters in top-notch condition as well as protect the exterior of your home from costly damage. 

Choosing the Best Gutter Cleaning Service in Your Area

Most companies that offer professional gutter cleaning also provide other services like power washing and window cleaning. Exterior cleaning services like these help prevent expensive damages to the exterior of your home and can also prevent health problems related to allergies caused by mold and mildew. 

For gutter cleaning, the most critical aspect is ensuring that the water is running correctly. Cleaning is one thing, but the water flow is essential to preventing future buildups. The best companies will clean out the gutter channels and check that water flows through downspouts away from your home. 

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The Best Gutter Cleaning Removes Debris By Hand

The techniques that a pro gutter cleaning service will use to remove debris are straightforward: blowing, vacuuming, and removing the debris by hand. When assessing your home, the company will want to know when was the last time you had them cleaned. Are they clogged? Are there leaves that can be easily blown away or dirt and mud that have been sitting there for years? 

There’s no better way to get rid of the dirt, grime, and mud in your gutter than by hand. Removing debris manually takes time and is labor-intensive but provides the best results. Sometimes they will need to use a blower to remove leaves from the surface and flush everything out by hand. Downspouts can become stuck with debris and may require a blower to run out the blockage. 

Gutters that haven’t been cleaned for a while could have damage that prevents the channel from flowing correctly. The downspouts or elbows could also have unseen blockages that stop water from flowing and may have to be disconnected. The company will need access to flowing water to test for these issues or know in advance whether they need to bring water on-site. 

In addition, the best companies will help with minor repairs and recommend solutions that could save you costly damages later on.

The Best Gutter Cleaning Have Access to Pro Equipment

Many folks who have gone up on a ladder and have cleaned their gutters realize that it is much more work than anticipated and don’t have the proper equipment to do the job. It’s also dangerous to be high up on a ladder, which is a risk many don’t want to take. 

The best gutter cleaning services will have access to ladders that can reach multiple levels that will allow them to work effectively. Some standard tools in their arsenal are ladders with a stabilizer, telescoping gutter cleaning tools, power washer, gutter scoops, and blower/vacuum, to name a few. 

The best companies will bring all of the equipment they will need on-site, allowing them to service gutters of various conditions. If minor repairs are required, they will carry standard supplies to fix the issues while cleaning. 

Most importantly, the most effective tools they will bring are elbow grease and attention to detail, leaving no issues unchecked.

The Best Gutter Cleaning Use Experienced Team Members

One of the main advantages of working with a gutter cleaning service is the experience of their staff. Pro gutter cleaners are skills at inspecting and spotting issues that will save you money and protect your home. 

They will make proper recommendations that you wouldn’t be able to spot on your own. By having the experience of working with many different gutter types and conditions and understanding how the elements wear them down, they will be able to fix the issues quickly.  

The way the gutter cleaning team works is also essential. Do they pay attention to the details? Do they have a team leader who does a walkthrough that makes sure that the job is complete and that your home is in better shape than it was? The best companies focus on details that others miss. 

Many smaller companies may offer lower rates to attract customers but don’t have a trained staff that pays attention to the details. Although it can seem like you’re getting a better deal, the preventive measures pro technicians will help you make outweigh the long-term damage of not replacing or repairing gutters when it’s necessary. 

When evaluating a gutter cleaning service, the best ones will put the health of your home first and can explain their logic clearly. 

The Best Gutter Cleaning are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Working with a licensed, bonded, and insured company will give you peace of mind with any home service. The credentials show that the company can provide a consistent level of service to maintain these standards. In addition, you know that you won’t be legally liable if an accident were to happen on your property.  

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous. Even with the proper ladder, accidents are all too common. Many gutter cleaning service providers don’t have the valid credentials that cover the legal aspect of risks. Make sure to double-check the credentials before you hire the company.

Less established companies or ones that don’t provide quality service cannot maintain insurance and proper work licenses. Even if they offer a lower rate, the risk isn’t worth it. Another thing to consider is the steps that the company takes to protect its team members. Wearing safety harnesses is optional, but the best gutter cleaning companies will provide their employees with this safety equipment, although it costs the company more to do so.

Hiring the Best Gutter Cleaning Service

The few points mentioned above will help you choose the best gutter cleaning services in your area. Look at the company as a whole: do they appraise your home accurately, providing expert recommendations that could save you money down the line? Is there team knowledge, detail-oriented, and backed by proper credentials?

 Overall, the gutter cleaning service should go the extra mile and return to your home for touch-ups if your gutters get clogged directly after service from inclement weather. 

 At Excel Residential, we offer gutter cleaning, power washing, and window cleaning. We use safe products that won’t harm, finish or damage your landscape and complete our work using an orderly, tested process. We offer free quotes for gutter cleaning and look forward to keeping your home clean and safe for your family. 


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Published by Excel Residential August 18, 2021
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