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By Excel Residential on August 25, 2021

5 Helpful Tips to Evaluate Pro Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning services seem to be a dime a dozen. In fact, any two guys can buy a pressure washer and claim they are a professional service without knowing how to protect your windows from damage or what chemicals are safe to use around your landscaping. 

Like any homeowner, getting the best value from a window cleaning service is a top priority. You want to improve the exterior of your home and not be charged an arm and a leg to complete the work. When you choose the right window company, they’ve been able to provide both exceptional work and value.

We’ve put together this article to give you tips on how to evaluate window cleaning services. After reading, you’ll know the signs of a great company and will be confident in hiring the right one for your home. 

Evaluating Pro Window Cleaning Services: 5 Helpful Tips

At Excel Residential, our customers often ask how frequently they should have their windows cleaned, which all depends on where your house is located. A home in the woods will need its windows cleaned more often since there’s a more considerable accumulation of leaves, dirt, and grime than a home in the suburbs. 

If you’ve ever tried power washing your home or cleaning your gutters, you know it’s a lot of work and challenging to get the results that you want. 

When you work with a pro window service, they should make the state of your home their top priority by providing detailed and quality cleaning. As with all exterior home cleaning services, the goal of professional window cleaning services is to leave your home better than it was. 

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1. Process for Quality Service

You can gauge the quality of the company by the process that they use for their services. It’s a red flag if they cannot articulate how they perform their work and why. 

Many people, for instance, don’t know that you should clean your windows from the top-down, starting at the highest point then working your way down. In addition, many forget to clean the weep holes where dirt gets trapped and, over time, weakens the structure of your window frames.

Pro window companies will have a team leader responsible for a site walkthrough before and after the job is completed. They will look for missed details, opportunities for touch-ups and ensure their team does the job correctly before leaving your home. 

The primary value of working with a pro window company is that they have proven procedures for their service that save you time and money. They aren’t making it up as they go but have honed their skills for maximum efficiency. They go the extra mile in both the work, and they do it with a caring attitude.  

2. Experienced Team 

Whether the company is big or small or offers “great deals,” the team’s experience level will determine the quality of their service. Have they cleaned windows like yours before? Do they know the proper chemicals to use that are safe and that won’t damage or distort your windows or harm your landscaping? 

Many newer companies focus on cleaning the windows themselves but don’t have the knowledge that could prevent damages to your windows, landscaping, and the exterior of your home. They also ignore the details like cleaning the window frames, making sure there’s nothing in the tracks, and putting furniture exactly where it was left if they had to move them to complete their work. 

The water pressure that comes out of a power washer needs proper handling, as it’s relatively easy for unskilled hands to dent window frames, crack glass, and damage the side of your home. How to handle it for certain homes and decks types also plays a role. It’s much easier to damage a wood deck than composite or chip brick if you get too close with a power washer. 

Reputable window washing companies train their team to use the equipment, chemicals and take property safety precautions to avoid costly damages to your home. With the expert staff, the protection of your home will be second nature.

3. Covered from Liability

When you hire a window cleaning service, the last thing that you want is to be responsible for damages or liable for accidents. Getting on a ladder is dangerous, and the floor levels compound the risks to the window cleaning team. The best window cleaning services will have proper insurance and bonding to protect your property from property damage and employee accidents. 

Maintaining insurance and bonding is proof that the company can deliver consistent quality services to its customers. Why would a homeowner do business with a company without these credentials? Because they offer lower prices to get hired. Although the deal might seem attractive, you’ll be liable for any damages to your property or accidents to their crew on your property. 

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a window cleaning service that doesn’t legally protect you and your property. Working with a professional cleaning service focuses on leaving your home in better condition than it was, without adding legal risks and liabilities to your plate. 

4. Flexible Payment Options

As a homeowner, you want to know what you expect to pay for services. Nothing is worse than being hit with a large, unexpected bill when the work is down. Not only is it unprofessional to do so, but it may also put you in an unforgivable position.

Experienced window washing professionals know their pricing variables down pat and will be able to level with you on expectations regarding cost. Avoid companies that are wishy-washy with their prices as it could mean that they are not experienced or trying to take advantage of you. 

Before starting the power washing service, your window cleaning company should walk you through the price points beforehand. They will point out areas where the price could change. Things like mildew or older stains might require different chemicals or time to treat, which the technicians will not know for sure until they start their work.

Make sure that the company you work with offers a receipt of payment. Cash-only businesses leave no trails, which means they can walk away from unfinished work or property damage without recourse. 

When it’s time to pay, they should make it easy for you to pay for services by offering flexible payment options. Reputable window cleaning services send the invoice to your email or directly to your phone to make a payment. It’s both convenient and accountable as a work receipt after the team finishes the job. 

5. Frequent Communication

Have you ever scheduled service for your home, and the technician didn’t show up on time or came much later than expected? Situations like these can ruin your day, as you most likely had to take time off of work to be home or reorganize your schedule to be available for the service. 

The most crucial aspect of working with a pro window cleaning company is how they communicate with customers. Do they keep you in the loop? Do they let you know of any issues promptly? Do they show up on time and do what they say they will do? 

Companies that offer window washing services but don’t prioritize communication are not worth doing business with, even if they charge less. 

The trait of the best window cleaning services is that they communicate frequently and make that communication easy for you. You don’t want to track down the crew working on your job and have to wonder when they will finish their work. They should send notifications when en route to your home, status updates when the work is complete, and receipts promptly to your mobile device. 

Pro Window Cleaning Services for Your Home

When evaluating prospective companies, you’ll find that many have some of the points, but few have all. Price is the easiest way to attract customers who haven’t learned how to evaluate window cleaning services but typically does not guarantee quality services. 

At Excel Residential, we work on the details, ensuring we complete the job correctly the first time. We strive to be as green as possible by using eco-friendly products. Not only do we provide quality window cleaning services, but we also offer other exterior cleaning services for your home, like gutter cleaning and power washing. 

Excellent communication is our main ingredient that has helped us serve our customers throughout Montgomery County. We offer free window cleaning quotes and look forward to the opportunity to keep your home clean and safe for your family.


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Published by Excel Residential August 25, 2021
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