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By Excel Residential on November 10, 2021

How Often Do You Need to Hire Window Washing Services

DIY window washing calls for a weekend full of heavy water buckets, suds, sponges, squeegee, and dirt.

Not including the rest of the equipment you need like a sturdy ladder, extendable brushes, a power washer, and shine solution. The good news? Window washing services give your windows a thorough deep cleaning for an affordable price. 

But how often do you really need to hire window washing services?

Let’s cover an estimate of how often you need this home maintenance service and the factors that may affect the frequency.

How Often Should You Hire Window Washing Services?

The average US home needs window washing services two times per year. In the Mid-Atlantic US, window washing services are recommended three or more times per year due to environmental factors.

The frequency of your window washing services depends on several factors, including:

  • Average amounts of rainfall
  • Proximity to construction sites or production facilities
  • Amount of local pollution
  • Proximity to high-trafficked roads and highways
  • Proximity to dirt roads or wooded areas
  • Weather and temperature fluctuations

Window washing services should include properly cleaning your window sills, screens, glass, locks, latches, and other window parts. Removing the dirt and grime that builds up from environmental factors is crucial to maintaining high-quality windows.

Let’s review all the different factors that may influence the frequency of your window washing services.

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How to Tell When You Need Window Washing Services

Your home’s location significantly influences how often you need window washing services. Between your exposure to dirt, dust, grime, bugs, and extreme weather, your window washing needs will be different than someone three states over.

The Mid-Atlantic region is known for its extreme weather conditions. From 100+ degree summers to below freezing in the wintertime. This puts immense pressure on your windows as temperature fluctuations can cause window hardware to deteriorate.

If windows aren’t cleaned regularly during winter months, snow and ice buildup can cause jamming, which quickly becomes an issue of energy efficiency and drafts. The effects of harsh winters don’t stop at ice buildup either. Your home’s sparkly clean windows also help ensure you have proper window safety, insulation, air cleanliness, excellent curb appeal, and more. Even during the warmer seasons, debris, minerals in hard water, and acid rain all decrease your window’s ability to regulate climate control in your home.

If you’re experiencing these issues, this is your sign to book window washing services:

  • High heating or cooling bills
  • Visual dirt and residue on your window sills, screens, or glass
  • Insect problems due to improper window sealing
  • Allergies due to window screen dust buildup
  • Window drafts
  • Consistently malfunctioning window parts

The Best Way to Hire Top-Notch Window Washing Services

When evaluating window washing service vendors, there are some factors to consider. Focusing on the service quality, team experience, liability coverage, flexible payment options, and excellent customer service will ensure you get the best window washing service professionals.

At Excel Residential Services, our professionals know all the details that get the job done right the first time and help maintain strong and clear windows in your home. If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic US, we’d love to help! Request a free quote to save time cleaning the DIY way and prevent avoidable expenses down the line.

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Published by Excel Residential November 10, 2021
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